Our menu is very wide and contains everything you want to eat . 

Choose from the list on the left and see what you , your friends and family wish to treat your selfs with. 

Just about everything we cook at Bobben is home made with our own family recipes.


We deliver until (6km 95.-) then 10.- per km



It is much faster and more saving to pick up the food yourself.



Celiac disease, gluten-free intolerance, vegetarian, vegan ???


We are gluten-free friendly.






 In our menu you will find the most that suits you. 

We have:  

Vegan burger, vegetarian burger, vegetarian pizza, vegetarian pasta, 

Gluten-free pizza base, Gluten-free hamburger bread, 

Gluten-free pita bread, Gluten-free baguette 

and Gluten-free ice-cream biscuits / waffle biscuits, etc. 







(0.5L drink when you buy a dish + 35.-) 


Soda 0.5 L - 40.- 

Soda  1.5 L - 62.- 


Soda box 0.33 L - 35.- 

Energy drink 0.5L - 47.- 

Energy drink 0.33 L - 40.- 

Capri Sun / Solrik / Kuli / Ice coffe - 30.- 



Call and order: 359 66661